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Weird and very abstract movie

Posted : 11 years, 7 months ago on 9 February 2008 08:25 (A review of The Nature of Nicholas (2002))

I used to think that The Nature Of Nicholas is a cute movie. That`s the impressions that the clips from it in the video sharing web sites left on me. More over the main characters looks alike one of my classmates in the German classes . But after seeing the movie I have to say that it really surprised me . I have never suspected that I would see horror elements and will feel that confused after watching it. Its very so paced - I set the speed in my video player to 140% and it still felt like I am watching on a regular pace. There seems to be so many metaphors in this movies - and yet none as clear as it should have been . If you don`t know much about it - the movie that is , but you want to see it - I urge you not to read other reviews online because they would reveal much and you would miss the twisted surprised feeling which is guaranteed to you by the kind of plot The Nature Of Nicholas has. This movie won`t make it in my favorite list - but it sure made it in the weirdest movies I have ever seen. Yes it is a coming of age movie - a coming out movie too I guess at least that I was able to make out. I guess if I have to compare it with another movie it will be the Reflecting Skin and yet may be I was able to understand it more than this one.The acting in The Nature Of Nicholas was not very good either - especially the one of the adult actors - the one of Jeff Sutton and David Turnbull as the two main characters ( Nicholas and Bobby ) was at least bearable . The best feature this movie has is indeed the superb photography - and its nature scenes - again another thing that makes it similar to Reflecting Skin.

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Iluzija review

Posted : 12 years ago on 24 September 2007 01:00 (A review of Iluzija)

This is the first and only movie made in the Republic of Macedonia that I have seen. I am still under its influence when I am writing this review and I can assure you that once when you have seen this movie it would leave a lasting impression in you. Shown first at the Tokyo International Film Festival festival in Tokyo ,Mirage is a prime example of quality European cinema.

When the movie started I paid attention mostly to the surroundings as for me the director wanted to show the atmosphere in which Marco lives. But who is Marco ? 12 year old Macedonian boy -full of emotions,talent for writing and dreams for a better life . The first few scenes review little of his personality as the directors shows various scenes of the turbulent live in Macedonia.Those scenes seem to prepare the viewer for what he is about to see, explain the mentality of the characters and set the overall tone of the movie. Even through these scenes are filmed in a professional manner and the viewer is warned at the very begging of the movie that hope can not do any good - the viewer still is not fully prepared for what is about to happen in the course of the movie.

I have noticed that many young actors are now making memorable debuts and the seventh-grader Marko Kovacevic is no exception. His character could be a real challenge for many much more experienced actors .Marco`s role is a symbioses of two distinct words - the world of a young poet - his private world and the live in Macedonia , its social and economic climate seen through the eyes of an sensitive and innocent boy . Sadly this innocence is about to be lost as the story unfolds.

The life of Marco is not an easy one - he gets bullied at school, his father is an alcoholic - his sister a rebel - the mother seems to have accepted a submissive way to existence taking care of her family/husband. In one of the scenes Marco ask his Mom is she could guess who wrote the best homework/story at his school - typical question for every kid who did a good job and wants to be appreciated by someone , the closest one - the parent- she does not make a single comment or reaction to that question. Marco starts hating his home - the only place he can be alone with himself in an old train wagon in which he spends his time - thinking, dreaming , playing chess by himself.

The teacher of Marco recognizes his talent and tell him that if he does well on writing a poem about the country he could be sent to a competition in Paris ( the city of life). Marco is really influenced by the words of his teacher and he sees a way to escape from his harsh reality by winning the competition. Soon after Marco is about to find out that hopes and mirages are both dangerous and not always real as the world around him is far from ideal.

It is scary - I was scared by the truth which lies in the realizations that Marco made for the world about him and the life in general. Number of times there were people who like Marco`s teacher have recognized in me one or another virtue and then I have seen that there is a a lot of hypocrisy in their words.

There are several role models which Marco can choose to follow - his teacher is one of them. He proves not worthy water on . But Marco meets Paris - an ex - soldier who is more or less a criminal - living by the laws of the jungle ” Eat of be eaten” . One could conclude that live hasn’t been easy for Paris as well - but his strong characters helped him to survive. Marco learns a lot out of their conversations - but at the end he is disappointed by him as well. At one moment Marco through that he could avoid the beating by joining the bullies - yet another mistake that proves one of the rules I live by - Be what you are !

Betrayed by everyone - Marco decided to act….and then the ending comes.

Mirage is indeed one of the most hash and powerful coming of age movie I have seen so far.

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La discesa di Aclà a Floristella review

Posted : 12 years ago on 24 September 2007 12:57 (A review of La discesa di Aclà a Floristella)

I have heard a lot about this movie - some people said that is was too harsh, others said it was controversial and then there were even some people who said that because of the descriptions available online they wonder if the movie is worth watching at all. Having seen it now - I can say that I found the movie was fine - but not that well acted or controversial as I through it would be.

Acla is coming of age movie about a boy who is sold as a mine worker by his parents. At the tender age of twelve his place is not there - but I know - and so do you that during the industrial revolution children from all over the world were forced to work in unbearable conditions. Acla`s decent into floristella is inspired by true events as the movie succeeds in the attempt to portrait the social climate of south Italy in 1930. In a small Italian village men have no choice - but to spent 5 days a week away from home working and living in the mines to make a living. Acla is to be treated as a man and part of the family only is he obeys the will of his father and work in the mines like him and his older brother.

I was disgust by the way the family of Acla treated their own son. Even his mother mentioned that it would be a disgrace if Acla do not accept the harsh life of a mine worker. After all the family received some money for sending their son to what pretty mush resembled slavery. There are several scenes that allow the viewer to observe the way of thinking of Acla`s mother and relatives - illiterate and poor , not watching to change or may be they just did not have a chance to do that.

The scenes from the Floristella`s mines reveal the horror in which young Acla is forced to live. Constant beatings and harassments are part of the daily life in the brutal working environment of the sulfur mines. The live in isolation forced some of the man who work in the mine to ” commit a sin” engaging in sexual activities with each other and even the young boys are not safe there. There are no sexual scenes but many sexual references and prepositions which makes the movie unsuitable for all ages.

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These Special Friendships review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 03:05 (A review of These Special Friendships)

At first I did not think that the movie will be interesting. But I soon changed my opinion. The fact that the movie is in black and white makes it even more appealing than if it was in colour. The action takes place in a boarding school located in France. Actually the scenes from the dinning room reminded me of the movies for Harry Potter.

The main characters are Georges de Sarre – 16 years old student and the young Alexandre (age 12) who is a student at the same school. Their friendship is really beautiful – and heart touching. It sure brought some old memories too.
There is a lot of poetry in this movie – it seems that I am getting hocked to poetry- again! Few years ago there was a girl who was sending me sonnets of Shakespeare. I even tried to write some poems myself.
I still haven’t finished watching the movie – it turned out to be on two CDs and I only got one of them, but will get the second one soon- then I will complete this review.

I have finished watching the movie and its ending made me sad – sad and disgust. Disgust that there are such people who refuse to accept that a true, special friendship can exist and interfere – to hurt everyone, but their pity selves. And do I know of such people – because they are not only shown in the movies you know – they lurk amongst us – trying to make the rest believe and thing what they do – such people really disgust me….
Les amitiés particulières is based on 1943 novel by French writer Roger Peyrefitte.

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Uroki v kontse vesny review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 03:03 (A review of Uroki v kontse vesny)

Not an easy film to watch – “Lessons at the end of the spring” tells the story of a boy who is arrested by mistake and is locked in prison. Everything is happening in Russia – but you know every day people who are empowered do that to innocent victims from in many other countries – my own is not an exception.

The movie lifts the curtain of the horrible scenes behind bars – and does a good job of portraying the horrors of the life behind the bars, and the loss of innocence of an eight grader (Danya Tolkachev). His life is changed forever.

This movie reminded of My Name is Ivan, which is another masterpiece of the Russian cinema. I got angry while watching it – angry that some dorks who are in position of power can be so brutal to people.

There is no justice – and this movie shows this reality so clearly – may be you won’t be able to feel that, but I doubt it. As they say “If someone say that your sister is pregnant, go prove that do you do not have a sister “.

Watch this movie if you want to see something serious but be aware that there are scenes of psychological and finally physical torture and some other which are not suitable for everyone.

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Nobody Knows review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 02:47 (A review of Nobody Knows)

The acting is good , the story as well - it is a coming of age story and still the movie seemed a bit too long and slow paced. I liked some of the scenes - and really admired what the young Akira did for his brothers and sisters - he was taking care of them when they were abandoned by their mother - locked between four walls - no one knew about them.

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Pianese Nunzio, Fourteen in May review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 12:24 (A review of Pianese Nunzio, Fourteen in May)

Sacret Silence is shoot in an unique way as many of the characters talk directly to the viewer. It almost seems that as if nothing else is happening around them – and it is only you they want to share their troughs with. This method adds a documentary atmosphere to the movie, which I believe will be appreciated by everyone who likes the serious European cinema.

Sacret Silence is a movie about society and the way it can be blinded by its own perceptions or by people who want the others to see the world through their eyes and refuse to accept that there are other ways to think about an issue than their own.. That is why the priest is fighting with Camorra (the mafia ) – it is just that sometimes in life there is more to loose than to win.

Traditional Italian songs are used for the soundtrack of Sacret Silence; most of them are performed by the 13-year-old Nunzio. I come to appreciate this music as it is evident that he feels the music – just look at his facial expression while he is singing.

The movie focuses on a whole range of moral issues. The relationship between the priest and Nunzio is only one of them – at first I thought that I can understand the priest – his love for Nunzio, but at the same time his past is flashing through the eyes of the other boy who comes to visit him – and this past seems to be disturbing.Yet another issue is to be able to decide for yourself who is committing the biggest crime in this movie – it is the priest , or the mafia or may be as often happens these days the crime committer is the police itself ?

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Man and Boy review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 12:11 (A review of Man and Boy)

A friend of mine gave me that movie on a DVD as a present - I managed to watch it yesterday and liked it a lot. It does not have a lot of action or special effects - so if you are looking for this you won`t find it here - but what is does have are moments from the real life - showed in a very intriguing way . Man and Boy is pure drama at its best - and it does evokes a lot of emotions . It is a British movie and I do have a thing for British cinema - having seen so many nice movies from there .

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Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 12:02 (A review of Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide)

Excellent coming of age story - this movie is a must see for everyone who likes good Europen films. The 13years old Andro learns a lot about life when during a boat trip with his dad he falls in the sea and is saved by an illegal immigrants. Hopes , sansation, friendship and betrayal - you can see this all.

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Mandragora review

Posted : 12 years, 2 months ago on 8 July 2007 07:06 (A review of Mandragora)

This movie seemed really harsh to me. I guess one of the reasons for that, is that the main character Marek, looks alike a person I used to know; someone I have lost actually. I won’t get into any details. There were quite a few moments in this movie, which were astonishing in the way they portrayed reality out there. Reality which exists, but many are not ready to accept as fact.

To me Marek is a normal teen-aged boy, who needs his own space. He is tired of hearing from people who think that they know what is best for him. Unfortunately he should have listened to his dad; a person, who surely loved him, though somehow the link between them was lost.

There is emptiness in the heart of the boy, caused by the absence of his mother. I did not get if she died or just left them, but somehow the fact she was not there, was affecting Marek in a way which made me think that he was much closer to her, than to his father.

I can not blame him for running away. I myself have considered this possibility several times. Even after seeing movies like this, seeing that it could be hard to just survive, couldn’t quell my thoughts that someday, I may do it. The differences between me and Marek, is that he is braver than I am. He made a decision and acted on it. It is another matter whether his decision was silly or not.

The first sexual scene is very disturbing. I felt sorry for the boy. I was watching the screen thinking, “Now you have to go back.” But at the same time I realized, that for him this was not an option. The scene at the bar, when he announced for a very first time, his new profession, is where you see the way he deals with it. I could hardly forget the way he spoke, as he approached the American tourist, the way he looked him. It seemed oddly professional. I don’t really know what term to use to describe it.

At the same time we see the other types of characters. The pimps, the boys, the clients – they are portrayed in greater details. Somehow even their facial expressions talked about their personalities, or at least it did to me.

I passed by a very similar place to this bar in which Marek was approached by the pimp for a first time. And you know as I thought about it, the similarities between the movie and reality were unbelievable. The only difference, the prostitutes were girls, but nothing more. When school is over, I have to pass that area again. 8 pm doesn’t seem like the right time to do it, but I have no choice. After seeing this movie, it freaks me out a bit.

But on to the movie, it is the masterpiece of Wiktor Grodecki. Of this, there is no doubt. I highly recommend that you watch it at least once. And maybe someday you will be able to make a difference for a boy, who may be living like the boys shown in this movie. You may be his only way out of this hell he is living through. Even though it is hard, the boys seemed destined to be doomed.

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